GEOScrip is a free service for all Georgist and other progressive, non-profit organizations. GEOScrip is an Affeercianado enterprise. 50% of revenue from advertising, for-profit dues, commissions on trading scrip and purchase of merchandise, will go to a land trust account in the name of the affeercianados. The other 50% will go to pay scrip issued by GEOScrip.

You have come to the right place if you wish to receive scrip, bid at auction, advertise, buy things at the company store and optionally participate in organizational activities. However, if you are authorized to issue scrip, pay scrip, place items up for auction, price inventory at the company store, and approve members, and that is what you intended to do, you must follow the arrow and go to However, even authorized administrators must first set up a member account here at

Link to GEOScrip.Com


Until we get all legal, financial, security, organizational, and technical matters resolved, all scrip is overprinted SPECIMEN and VOID. It is solely for play, and has no financial value, nor does it represent an obligation. All such scrip will be destroyed once we go live. Issuance of actual scrip with an accounting basis in the void, specimen scrip, is solely the responsibility of the issuing organization, including maintaining accurate reports. GEOScrip has no liability for lost, altered, or replicated specimen scrip.

Participating organizations get an automatic link to their website below (database safe)